Meaning of truthiness in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtruːθɪnəs/


mass noun informal
  • The quality of seeming or being felt to be true, even if not necessarily true.

    • ‘Basically, we're looking at a case of representativeness - by analogy with truthiness - versus representation.’
    • ‘The buzzword of the decade is Stephen Colbert's " truthiness ".’
    • ‘Yet the insights of science are often counterintuitive, frequently lacking "truthiness."’
    • ‘Ideology, or to use Stephen Colbert's term, "truthiness" is ascendant.’
    • ‘Problem is, every time someone brings up those inconvenient facts, you respond with more truthiness.’
    • ‘Doesn't surprise me one bit the "New York Times" hasn't heard of truthiness.’
    • ‘To use the memorable phrase coined by comedian Stephen Colbert, Web 2.0 sites can all too easily supply "truthiness" rather than truth.’
    • ‘But nearly all are freighted with a lack of truthiness.’
    • ‘It's not as great a made-up word as "truthiness," but I like it.’
    • ‘For talk show hosts it's "truthiness" rather than truth that counts.’
    • ‘She speaks truthiness to power and doesn't even know the difference.’
    • ‘Congress routinely adopts policies that cater to special interests, which are then justified by the sort of smarmy, fact-free spin that the comedian Stephen Colbert has labeled "truthiness."’
    • ‘They're rated for truthiness, and there are some fascinating stories.’
    • ‘Jon Stewart is not alone in the truthiness business, as his pal Steven Colbert would put it.’
    • ‘Ideology, or, to use Stephen Colberts term, truthiness, is ascendant, But the best antidote to that is critical reason, something Reedies have in abundance.’
    • ‘Truthiness, recently earned the word of the year award from the American Dialect Society after being popularized by Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert.’
    • ‘The truthiness hurts, doesn't it kids?’
    • ‘The idea that everybody wears these pins is classic Stephen Colbertian "truthiness" at work.’
    • ‘It's easy to see how Stanley accidentally substituted trustiness for truthiness, since it anticipates Colbert's blowhard assertion, "I don't trust books."’
    • ‘So what about Alessandra Stanley's goof, replacing Stephen Colbert's sublimely silly truthiness with the pedestrian "trustiness"?’


Early 19th century (in the sense ‘truthfulness’): coined in the modern sense by the US humorist Stephen Colbert.