Meaning of try-out in English:



  • A test of the potential of someone or something, especially in the context of entertainment or sport.

    ‘the actress had been given her role only as a try-out’
    • ‘I do try-out gigs in pubs’
    • ‘‘We should do this for the sound check as a try-out,’ said Astor.’
    • ‘One of my most memorable experiences was a first try-out of Thai cooking.’
    • ‘The try-outs are part of a concerted effort by World Wrestling Entertainment to reward their fans in the north west, who have been among the most fervent supporters of the company in the UK.’
    • ‘It was all cool and amicable, he's helping us find a replacement and he's letting us use his kit during the try-outs.’
    • ‘They are not even the equivalent of a first draft; rather, they are try-outs for parts of the painting being planned, incomplete fragments of what will eventually become a whole work of art, mini - rehearsals for the real thing.’
    • ‘The one-hour premiere episode takes viewers inside the audition room for a first-ever look at how thousands of aspiring Idols sang their hearts out during regional try-outs across Canada.’
    • ‘Who we go for will really depend on who comes across best in the try-outs.’
    • ‘They and the dozens of others in this summer's try-outs are promised nothing except a possible place on Cirque's list of approved artists.’
    • ‘In the past he also had try-outs with the Ireland Under 15s as well as with an English Premier Division club.’
    • ‘Although I was in the squad, I still feel nervous about the try-outs for next season because it's very competitive.’
    • ‘He faces further try-outs and interviews over the coming weeks.’
    • ‘I wanted to know if there would be more try-outs other than the ones in August.’
    • ‘He attended try-outs in Europe later that month, made the team and then came home to Edmonton.’
    • ‘While he was the first to perform it was nowhere near as nerve-wracking as the day one try-outs.’
    • ‘In these circumstances I do not think it necessary to have a try-out in the second team before returning.’
    • ‘He secured a try-out for his idea in a local newspaper in the United States where his wife was working and the readers' response was remarkable.’
    • ‘He had two sets, and felt that as a former hurler I could become a good golfer, and insisted that I should accompany him for a try-out.’
    • ‘‘I hope to see you all at try-outs,’ she said as the bell rang.’
    • ‘So speaking of guitars, which one are you bringing to try-outs?’
    • ‘How were any of these guys going to pass the try-outs?’
    test, try out, check out, put to the test, experiment with