Meaning of try on in English:

try on

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phrasal verb

  • try something on, try on somethingPut on an item of clothing to see if it fits or suits one.

    ‘I tried on a couple of dresses but they were too expensive’
    • ‘First I went through the racks of clothing and tried them on.’
    • ‘Like with any piece of clothing, you really need to try jeans on to see how they work.’
    • ‘Some male customers felt uncomfortable when women were there as they were trying things on.’
    • ‘I don't necessarily want to buy lots of stuff, I just want the shopping experience of going from shop to shop, trying things on and maybe making a couple of sound purchases.’
    • ‘It was even more depressing trying the things on, since everything seemed designed to make you look as frumpy as possible.’
    • ‘His brother was trying the uniform on for the first time.’
    • ‘I'd prefer it if you could just pick up clothes and not have to try them on.’
    • ‘She said: ‘I have always loved hats and drag my friends round lots of shops so I can try them on.’’
    • ‘You've really got to try them on, and see what range of choice is available.’
    • ‘I'll try them on again first, but I'm really not keen on the skirt.’