Meaning of tryptic in English:



See trypsin

‘For instance, the mean number of tryptic peptides per protein for E. coli is 28, but 42 for C. elegans, so the fragmentation patterns expected for a typical protein will the different in the different organisms.’
  • ‘Accordingly, I started preparing and characterizing tryptic hemoglobin peptides that contained the highly visible heme group.’
  • ‘In the first experiment, a fresh aliquot of intact actin was added to the tryptic digestion reaction of actin that has proceeded for 30 min.’
  • ‘Petri dishes containing tryptic soy agar for bacteria counting with series dilution of nutrient solution were set in an anaerobic PVC vessel at 30°C.’
  • ‘Samples were serially diluted in sterile saline and cultured in tryptic soy agar pour plates.’