Meaning of tsaddik in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtsadɪk/

nounplural noun tsaddikim/ˈtsadɪkɪm/ , plural noun tsaddiks

(also tzaddik)
  • A Hasidic spiritual leader or guide.

    ‘My son may not excel in learning and academics, but he can excel in becoming a tzaddik, a righteous Jew who sincerely cares about others and strives to fulfill the Torah's commandments to the best of his ability.’
    • ‘A tzaddik is a leader for the Hassidic community, but an innate leader of humanity.’
    • ‘One of the great tzaddikim lived in abject poverty, yet always had a happy disposition.’
    • ‘He was a learned man, a kind man, a tzaddik - a righteous person.’
    • ‘The tzaddik is the being that was created in the Divine image.’


Hebrew ṣaddīq ‘just, righteous’.