Meaning of tsardom in English:



(also czardom)

See tsar

‘They were similar to the revolutionaries of tsarist Russia, who also had diverse views of what would happen to their country after the end of tsardom.’
  • ‘The distinctive feature of the Russian tsardom was that, after the fall of Constantinople, it was the only remaining independent Orthodox Christian principality.’
  • ‘The notion of despotism masquerading as liberation was part of the Victorian liberal stereotype of tsardom.’
  • ‘Attempts by tsardom to court the reformist intelligentsia were replaced by a military dictatorship.’
  • ‘I can find no evidence that any of the tsars are doing this but plenty of evidence that colleagues think it a risk of tsardom.’



/ˈzɑːdəm/ /ˈtsɑːdəm/