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noun & adjective

(also czarist)

See tsar

‘The Stalinist leadership rehabilitated prerevolutionary military and cultural figures, while championing the Soviet state as the natural heir of the tsarist empire.’
  • ‘When, in 1809, Finland became a grand duchy of the tsarist empire, the first seeds of national self-consciousness were sown.’
  • ‘The third period began with the fall of tsarist Russia in 1918.’
  • ‘His maternal grandfather, who fled Russia to avoid conscription by the tsarist army, was a Hebrew scholar, mystic, mathematician, and inventor who made boots and shoes for a living.’
  • ‘Assisted by the Germans, who hoped that he would undermine the Russian war effort, Lenin returned home and started working against the provisional government which had replaced the tsarist regime.’



/ˈzɑːrɪst/ /ˈtsɑːrɪst/