Meaning of tsimmes in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtsɪməs/

nounplural noun tsimmes

(also tzimmes)
  • 1A Jewish stew of sweetened vegetables or vegetables and fruit, sometimes with meat.

    ‘A sweet carrot stew called a tzimmes is often served.’
    • ‘He mentioned a trip to New York where he went to the oldest Jewish restaurant in the city hoping to eat one of his favorite dishes, tzimmis [a carrot-based stew].’
    • ‘Grandma Ida fusses obsessively over dishes as consecrated as any Divine law: matzo balls, sweetest carrot tzimmes, potato kugel, the lightest sponge cake.’
    • ‘Linger over platters of tzimmes with prunes and raisins, braised brisket with potatoes and, for dessert, gooseberry clafouti with homemade ice cream.’
    1. 1.1A fuss or muddle.
      ‘why are you making such a tsimmes?’
      • ‘It is time also for Commonweal to make a policy of asking someone at Fordham or Columbia or NYU to read the technical appendix of a book and determine the adequacy of the sample design before it decides to make a gantze tsimmes out of it.’
      • ‘For almost four years now, plaintiff and her attorneys have been subjected to the constant kvetching by defendants' counsel, who have made a big tsimmes about the quantity and quality of plaintiff's responses to discovery requests.’
      • ‘It seems to me that it is the press and the political pundits that are making such a tsimmes out of the money raised.’