Significado de tsubo en en inglés


Pronunciación /ˈtsuːbəʊ/

nombresustantivo plural tsubo, sustantivo plural tsubos

  • 1A Japanese unit of area equal to approximately 3.31 sq. metres (3.95 sq. yards).

    ‘In 1936, for example, 91% of toy production took place in factories smaller than 10 tsubo, and the majority of toy factories employed less than five workers.’
    • ‘Besides being a village council member, Yoroku was a well-to-do man who lived with his family in a large farming house of about 100 tsubo (= 3,550 square feet or 330 square meters).’
    • ‘However, since there were many requests from students in the neighborhood and Tokyo, a practice dojo of 36 tsubo was built.’
    • ‘Most of the homes were about 300 tsubo, but my home, because I came from a very wealthy bushi family, was several thousand tsubo and because of its size, very hard to keep up.’
    • ‘Our residence was even larger, more than 80 tsubo of floor space.’
  • 2(in complementary medicine) a point on the face or body to which pressure or other stimulation is applied during treatment.

    ‘Moreover, I am told that this tsubo is considered a critical pressure point for stimulating greater intestinal activity.’
    • ‘The actual treatment approach and philosophy is similar to acupuncture in its usage of the meridians (energy channels) and tsubo (pressure points) as well as diagnostic methods, but without the use of needles.’