Meaning of tsukemono in English:


Pronunciation /ˌtsuːkɪˈməʊnəʊ/

nounplural noun tsukemonos

  • A Japanese side dish of pickled vegetables, usually served with rice.

    ‘Thirty thousand shoppers come here weekly in search of everything from green tea and tsukemono (pickled vegetables) to paper lanterns.’
    • ‘Indeed, there are scores of different kinds of tsukemono and tsukudani served in Japanese restaurants and homes.’
    • ‘And so, from the seventh to the nineteenth centuries, tsukemono were truly an essential part of the Japanese diet.’
    • ‘All types of tsukemono are available commercially but many people make pickles at home because it's so inexpensive and easy.’
    • ‘Each region has its own pickling methods, but incontestably, Kyoto is the king of tsukemono.’
    relish, chutney, chow chow, piccalilli, sauerkraut


Japanese, from tsukeru ‘pickle’ + mono ‘thing’.