Meaning of tube-shaped in English:



  • Long, round, and hollow like a tube.

    ‘tube-shaped packages’
    • ‘tube-shaped intestines’
    • ‘The rest of the album just falls into place like the pieces inside a tube-shaped kaleidoscope.’
    • ‘The small, tube-shaped beacons were designed to pinpoint vessels in trouble at sea to assist rescue missions.’
    • ‘An open, tube-shaped structure surrounding the track is designed to reduce noise even further.’
    • ‘Carbon nanotubes are tube-shaped molecules that are 50,000 times thinner than the average human hair.’
    • ‘The area evacuated Monday is a separate structure from the tube-shaped boarding and waiting area where the roof partially collapsed.’
    • ‘The tadpoles track each prey individually and then suddenly extend their tube-shaped mouths to suck in the prey within 7 milliseconds.’
    • ‘The face ends in a tube-shaped beak, which often curves to one side as if it has gotten bent.’
    • ‘The smooth muscle in the walls of the tube-shaped digestive organs rhythmically and efficiently moves the food through the system.’
    • ‘The Cannelloni (tube-shaped egg noodles) were stuffed with a spiced concoction of ground beef and herbs.’
    • ‘The yolks are then poured into a long tube-shaped mold in which they are cooked.’