Meaning of tube well in English:

tube well



  • A well consisting of an iron pipe with a solid steel point and lateral perforations near the end, which is driven into the earth until a water-bearing stratum is reached, when a suction pump is applied to the upper end.

    ‘Near two of these schools the tube well is broken.’
    • ‘In most areas there is a single tube well for hundreds of families.’
    • ‘Although there is one tube well for every 70 families, the wells are unusable because the water is salty.’
    • ‘Apart from that the department would be purchasing new water tankers, construct 25 tube wells and replace old water pipes in the city.’
    • ‘A total of 47 tube wells were identified as being the usual water source for the 60 participants, and a sample of water from each well was tested for arsenic concentration.’