Meaning of tuck away in English:

tuck away

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phrasal verb

  • 1tuck something away, tuck away somethingKeep something in a secure place.

    ‘I'm used to keeping my driving licence tucked away in a drawer’
    • ‘employees can tuck away a percentage of their pretax salary’
    hide, conceal, keep out of sight, keep hidden, secrete
    1. 1.1be tucked awayBe located in an inconspicuous or concealed place.
      ‘the police station was tucked away in a square behind the main street’
      • ‘This bijou design hotel near the Costa Smerelda is tucked away at the end of a beach road in Conca Verde, a smattering of smart villas on the protected Coluccia peninsula on Sardinia's stunning north coast.’
      • ‘The Cimetière de Laval is tucked away on the Chemin Bas St-François, a bucolic, sober field far away from the traffic and noise of the city across the river.’
      • ‘The Media Collection is tucked away on the fifth floor, surrounded on three sides by the ocean of print that comprises the upper half of the library.’
      • ‘The Hotel du Vin is tucked away in one of the small streets, just a short stroll from the seafront.’
      • ‘The Hotel Bel Air is tucked away off the main drag and is even more exclusive than its neighbour.’
      • ‘Stacks of felt by Joseph Beuys and installation pieces in dirt, gravel, mirror and glass by Robert Smithson are tucked away in corners.’
      • ‘The Naval cemetery on Gibraltar is tucked away in a corner, it looks slightly forlorn and overgrown but has had some work done to it recently, probably due to the surge of interest in the 200th anniversary of the battle of Trafalgar.’
      • ‘Built around the 1940s Mill House, at Barrowford is tucked away behind a mature tree lined avenue that offers privacy and seclusion to the property.’
      • ‘The hotel is tucked away from the coast up a hill, though it also maintains its own separate seafront complete with a pier, bar and some stagey awnings.’
      • ‘A more formal statue of Jenner is tucked away in one of the more quiet areas of Hyde Park in London.’
  • 2tuck something away, tuck away somethingBritish informal Eat a lot of food.

    • ‘Sammy managed to tuck away everything his father couldn't eat’
    consume, devour, ingest, partake of, gobble, gobble down, gobble up, gulp, gulp down, bolt, bolt down, wolf, wolf down, cram down, finish, finish off