Meaning of tuco-tuco in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtuːkəʊˌtuːkəʊ/

nounplural noun tuco-tucos

  • A burrowing ratlike rodent native to South America.

    Family Ctenomyidae and genus Ctenomys: numerous species

    ‘The name ‘tuco-tuco’ comes from alarm calls in response to danger; other calls are also known in the more social species.’
    • ‘This long-term line of research focuses on tuco-tucos as a model for the study of diversification.’
    • ‘The one known exception is the social tuco-tuco, found in Argentina, which lives in colonies.’
    • ‘Unlike the more than 50 other tuco-tuco species that live mostly solitary lives, C. sociabilis lives in colonies.’
    • ‘Almost entirely subterranean, colonial tuco-tucos rarely leave their burrows except for brief forays to collect the grassy vegetation on which they feed.’


Mid 19th century imitative of the call of some species.