Meaning of tuile in English:


Pronunciation /twiːl/

nounplural noun tuile/twiːl/

  • A thin curved biscuit, typically made with almonds.

    ‘These include the various thin biscuits such as the French tuile, curved into a tile shape while still soft after cooking.’
    • ‘Unmold a chocolate foam next to the parfait with a caramel tuile in between.’
    • ‘Place a quenelle of the rose water ice cream on a tuile next to the souffle.’
    • ‘For the brioche tuiles, preheat the oven to 350 degrees.’
    • ‘Dust the strudel tuiles with powdered sugar and reserve.’
    • ‘Place a scoop of thyme ice cream and a tuile toward the top of the pear and drizzle with thyme syrup.’
    • ‘You should have three layers of sorbet with four tuiles.’
    • ‘Place a scoop of pear sorbet and a honey tuile on top of cake.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, the dessert is partly plated up: a little biscuit tuile and a few blueberries go onto the rows of plates spread along the tables.’
    • ‘There was no pointless clutter of brandy snap baskets, tuiles, mint leaves or physalis either.’
    • ‘Top the tuile with a quenelle of chocolate sorbet and a piece of the chocolate caramel.’
    • ‘Place a tuile filled with a scoop of asparagus ice cream to one side of the baking dish.’
    • ‘They're really slim, crunchy tuiles, constructed, like much of this bizarrely successful restaurant, in the classic French style.’
    • ‘For the sesame tuiles, preheat the oven to 300 degrees.’
    • ‘For dessert, there's a rich hazelnut gianduja and a very fine fromage blanc construction sitting in light fig soup, with a crunchy tuile on top.’
    • ‘Deposit a tuile on every plate and place the macerated prunes inside.’
    • ‘It's such a classic dish, traditionally served on a tuile base.’
    • ‘Using a palette knife, spread a thin layer oft tuile mix on a non-stick mat.’
    • ‘This is a variation on tuiles, meaning ‘tiles,’ which refers to the traditional form of this French cookie.’
    • ‘Gently but firmly press on the tuile to shape it to the cup.’


French, literally ‘tile’.