Meaning of tum in English:


Pronunciation /tʌm/

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  • A person's stomach or abdomen.

    • ‘Personal shoppers are old hands at choosing the right garments to make fat arms look thinner, small breasts seem fuller and ways to conceal wobbly bums and tums.’
    • ‘Activities on offer include legs, bums and tums stability ball class; aerobics and cycling.’
    • ‘Lorraine and I survived another legs, bums and tums class last night.’
    • ‘I would never have to attend a gruelling bums and tums ' workout ever again.’
    • ‘He has taught classes ranging from legs, bums and tums to box-fit, spinning, body-pump, studio-strength, circuits and extreme abs.’
    • ‘I'm starting my first bums and tums class this week, so hopefully I will start to feel the benefits of all this exercise soon.’
    • ‘The class consists of a warm-up, 40 minutes of exercises for bums, tums and thighs, followed by a cool-down and stretching session.’
    • ‘There's bums and tums hanging out, both male and female, hips swinging with thongs on view and there's legs up to bottoms with barely a scrap of coverage.’
    • ‘Even supermodels wear stuff that sculpts their bums and tums.’
    • ‘When we do have a meal, its just solely to fill up the growling tums.’
    • ‘The provider of food for 270 young tums was today hailed North West School Chef of the Year.’
    • ‘I began with a legs, bums and tums class but felt I should try something harder.’
    • ‘When he ran on to the pitch to chants of Who Ate All the Pies? he responded by lifting his shirt and rubbing his tum.’
    • ‘I have to admit that I had butterflies the size of bulldozers flapping around in my tum as I walked him round the corner to nursery school.’
    • ‘His mum had warned me that he had been suffering from a dodgy tum for a couple of days.’
    • ‘How many chickens go through our tums in Britain alone in a year?’
    • ‘There are many ways to fill your tum in an emergency, and some of them won't even make you feel ill.’
    • ‘I've been feeling a bit weird - sore tum, grumpy and tired.’
    • ‘Having recently suffered a case of jippy tum I've been thinking a lot about toilet paper.’
    • ‘They tone the legs, tum and bum and even help strengthen the pelvic floor muscle.’


Mid 19th century abbreviation of tummy.