Meaning of tumid in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtjuːmɪd/

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  • 1(especially of a part of the body) swollen.

    ‘a tumid belly’
    • ‘What was he doing easing my friend up across his tumid belly and onto his lap?’
    • ‘The rights to a future project currently sit in the directors tumid billfold.’
    • ‘It has a tumid rounded shape.’
    • ‘Plate surfaces more commonly exhibit a prominent tumid center.’
    • ‘The jungle is dense, tumid, and bejeweled with parrots.’
    expanded, distended, bulging, inflamed, inflated, enlarged, dilated, bloated, blown-up, puffed up, puffy, ballooning, protruding, prominent, stretched, tumescent
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  • 2(especially of language or literary style) pompous or bombastic.

    • ‘tumid oratory’
    bombastic, pompous, turgid, overblown, overripe, inflated, high-flown, affected, pretentious, grandiose, florid, flowery, ornate, magniloquent, grandiloquent, rhetorical, oratorical, orotund
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Mid 16th century from Latin tumidus, from tumere ‘to swell’.