Meaning of tunable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtjuːnəb(ə)l/


(also tuneable)
  • 1(of a musical instrument) able to be adjusted to the correct or uniform pitch.

    • ‘most of these old uprights aren't tunable’
  • 2(of a receiver circuit such as a radio or television) able to be adjusted to the frequency of the required signal.

    • ‘the radio is tunable to only a selected band of frequencies’
  • 3(of an engine or mechanical parts) able to be adjusted so that a vehicle runs smoothly and efficiently.

    • ‘this is a very tunable engine that can put out big power with a few mods’
  • 4mainly technical Able to be adjusted or adapted.

    • ‘two tunable lasers are used to modulate the amplitude’