Meaning of tuneage in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʃuːnədʒ/


mass noun informal
  • (especially in music journalism) music.

    • ‘more quality tuneage from Nottingham's finest’
    • ‘Music styles include hyper pop-punk, holy hip-hop, and something called hybrid death tuneage.’
    • ‘Packed wall to wall with hammer head chords and unrelenting adrenalin filled feel good tuneage.’
    • ‘And it's certainly true in this size of player, where you'll regularly have to change albums to refresh your tuneage.’
    • ‘Serious tuneage, the melody just hunts you down until your pinched into a corner with no escape route in sight.’
    • ‘You can't argue with no cover, a free buffet and the usual super drink specials and classic (alt) rock tuneage, from 9 p.m., from Bifteck with love.’
    • ‘Everything gets drowned in two-tone tuneage.’
    • ‘This is all the more ironic considering the months of rigorous structuring, arranging and rehearsing that such tuneage must go under before being anywhere near presentable.’
    • ‘It proves to equally about performance as much as tuneage as the drummer dons his ride cymbal like a Vietnamese hat and attempts to keep time on it!’
    • ‘The second disc boasts some commercial tuneage, but married to headily unusual instrumentation and mood-swings.’
    • ‘Nonetheless, the soundtrack again hits hard and heavy with good thrashing tuneage that is good stuff, even if you don't know who's playing it.’
    • ‘Easy on the ear, late night chill out tuneage with a subtle backbone of jazz tastings and bright brass accompaniments, very intoxicating and very, very delicious.’
    • ‘Lovers of sensitively erudite pop will surely succumb to this refreshingly ache-ridden brand of awe struck tuneage.’
    • ‘The chorus unveils gleaming shards of bombastic wit and cut-throat tuneage before the shroud of unfriendly uber-noise descends once more.’
    • ‘A true pop tuneage to roast the chestnuts around the fire this festive period and by far one of most sophisticated releases featured in this missive.’
    • ‘I didn't realise that there were fourteen different people making this sort of tuneage in Dublin, but they exist in bedsits, studios, clubs and wherever.’
    • ‘The debut disc by this Burlington act is a straight-ahead return to the kind of woman-made tuneage that was all the rage five, six years ago.’
    • ‘Take Last Nite, for example, a song which uses great tuneage to good effect, but which also recognises that silence is as much a part of music as noise.’
    • ‘More addictive tuneage this time draped with Stipe / Morrisey style vocals and flossed with bitter sweet lyrical interplays and finished off with lashings of tasty summery sounding chopping riffs.’
    • ‘The track exemplifies Twine's penchant for crafting beautiful tuneage that struggles through a software-erected forcefield.’
    • ‘Narcissus have loosened up since I last saw them and it's difficult not to be carried away by the voice, the lush but powerful arrangements and the enormous tuneage.’