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  • Having a pleasing tune; melodious.

    ‘a musical full of tuneful songs’
    • ‘I find this a pleasant, tuneful, lyrically meaningful song.’
    • ‘I think young students will enjoy the fun rhythms, tuneful melodies and the influence of jazz harmonies.’
    • ‘They form a perfect setting for some of Rodgers and Hammerstein's most tuneful and evocative songs.’
    • ‘Anything Goes, set on an ocean liner and featuring many tuneful Cole Porter songs, is at Guiseley Theatre.’
    • ‘This music is tuneful and entertaining, and it makes no serious demands on either the listener or on the performers.’
    • ‘It is well known in the inner sanctum of the region's music circles that Mr Sharkey is a big fan of the grand and tuneful works of Gustav Mahler.’
    • ‘This said, Blowback is a great pop album - tuneful and in tune with contemporary tastes.’
    • ‘That's what Dan Zanes is all about: tuneful songs and heartfelt singing.’
    • ‘The tuneful song of the piano filled the studio once again.’
    • ‘Honestly - my school friends and I used to make up more tuneful songs with better lyrics when we were seven.’
    • ‘The Society has assembled a talented cast and production team for this bright and tuneful musical comedy.’
    • ‘People with no identifiable singing ability would break into tuneful song.’
    • ‘Aaron Copland's Duo for Flute and Piano is more serious in tone, though no less tuneful.’
    • ‘Indeed, if you are not particularly a fan of opera and singing but do like lush tuneful orchestral playing, you should try this.’
    • ‘We got the first in a downpour of irresistibly tuneful songs from the classic film.’
    • ‘It's all quite charming and tuneful if, in the last resort, unmemorable.’
    • ‘It contains some of the most delightful music ever written by the popular composer: tuneful, amusing and colourful.’
    • ‘The singing, both individual and choral, is tuneful with words both intelligibly and intelligently sung.’
    • ‘His songwriting is tuneful and perceptive, his sound raw and raggedy glorious, his voice thick and resonant.’
    • ‘It is a spangly piece of tuneful easy listening, a record unashamed of a simple chorus and a driving rhythm.’
    melodious, melodic, musical, mellifluous, sweet-sounding, pleasant-sounding, dulcet, euphonious, harmonious, lyrical, lilting
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/ˈtjuːnfʊl/ /ˈtjuːnf(ə)l/