Meaning of tunesmith in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtjuːnsmɪθ/


  • A composer of popular music or songs.

    • ‘a superb tribute to this legendary tunesmith’
    • ‘Audacious tunesmiths were taking American popular music in exciting new directions.’
    • ‘In the civil war of the early 1860s, tunesmiths were writing war songs and getting on well.’
    • ‘For a tunesmith who apparently has a treasure trove of 8 million songs, he is still at the mini-album stage.’
    • ‘Once I set up the system, I was asked to produce an album for Jeff Skorik, a well-known Nashville session vocalist, incredible tunesmith and fine guitar player.’
    • ‘Moreover, Another Happy Ending illustrates that The Clarks have four capable, crafty tunesmiths.’
    • ‘Apparently, Rich wants to make sure that once his performing career dries up he's still got a lucrative career as a country tunesmith, but it's a shame that he feels the need to zero out to do it.’
    • ‘If you took away the size of the band, the sexuality and the performance art aspect of it all, he would still be an exceptional tunesmith.’
    • ‘It was a bittersweet end for the troubled tunesmith.’
    • ‘Since the love-song format developed by U.S. composers had infiltrated every corner of the globe, foreign tunesmiths had already learned America's musical ‘language.’’
    • ‘The Shadows were among the greatest and most influential pop instrumentalists of the last century - the true tunesmiths of a bygone era.’
    • ‘As indie rock's answer to a Broadway tunesmith, it was only a matter of time before Ben Folds inspired a stage show.’
    • ‘While it might not bring the trio back under the spotlight, this album shows that they are still the clever tunesmiths.’
    • ‘It is now fashionable to bundle these superb tunesmiths and master orchestrators together and ignore them.’
    • ‘Local tunesmith Shuyler Jansen has pulled the opening slot.’
    • ‘He was quite a tunesmith, offering such fetching melodies at will.’
    • ‘Reliable tunesmiths, yes, but hardly anyone's new favourite band.’
    • ‘Teenage tunesmiths The Banners have just put the finishing touches to their first album of songs.’
    • ‘But for now, the debonair local tunesmith is a high-class guy living in a lo-fi world.’
    • ‘For years it seemed this talented tunesmith would continue to carry the torch for genuinely genius grunge guitar pop.’
    • ‘When the tunesmith says it, it's from the heart.’