Meaning of Tupperware in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtʌpəwɛː/

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mass nounTrademark
  • A range of plastic containers used for storing food.

    as modifier ‘a Tupperware bowl’
    • ‘Rachel watched curiously as he pulled out plates, drinks, eating utensils and several more Tupperware containers full of food.’
    • ‘Lay the meat flat in a casserole dish, or in the big Tupperware container.’
    • ‘We even packaged shots to go in tiny Tupperware containers.’
    • ‘I sighed and started clearing the dishes away, packing the leftovers into Tupperware tubs.’
    • ‘He opened the refrigerator and stooped, rummaging through Tupperware containers with enthusiasm.’
    • ‘I busied myself with fiddling with my Tupperware sandwich container.’
    • ‘Two Tupperware bowls sat on the counter, full of frosting.’
    • ‘I would walk for hours at the weekends, coming back with Tupperware bowls of berries which Joan made into pies with Bramley apples from the garden.’
    • ‘Aside from a few snazzy Tupperware lines, most storage containers are ugly.’
    • ‘Did you know that Tupperware is more expensive than any other container option?’


1950s from Tupper, the name of the American manufacturer, + ware.