Meaning of turn-up in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtəːnʌp/

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  • 1usually turn-upsThe end of a trouser leg folded upwards on the outside.

    ‘I like turn-ups on the trousers because I feel it's the end of the suit, and if it just stops then you feel like something's missing.’
    • ‘He was wearing black lace-up shoes, no socks, greenish-grey trousers with turn-ups and a T-shirt and jumper.’
    • ‘He had short cropped hair and was wearing blue stone-washed jeans with turn-ups, dark jacket and white trainers.’
    • ‘He got dust in his turn-ups, in his pockets and everywhere.’
    • ‘Trouser suits can be very flattering too: a masculine one, fitted on the hips and with turn-ups, will hang nicely and elongate your legs if you wear heels.’
    • ‘You are never coming to my nice house with your turn-ups full of toast crumbs.’
  • 2informal in singular An unusual or unexpected event or occurrence; a surprise.

    • ‘fancy you being in New York too—what a turn-up for the books’
    • ‘I did go to my 12 o'clock Political Thought Lecture and so did Barbara, which is really a turn-up for the books.’
    • ‘We see him with a girlfriend who he takes to a dinner party to meet the others, which is a bit of a turn-up for the books.’
    • ‘Last year it was Spartans who turned out to be the surprise package of the Scottish Cup, so it would be a major turn-up if it was the Glasgow University students who make the grade.’
    • ‘The MP took Solihull, which is something of a turn-up.’