Meaning of turn down in English:

turn down

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phrasal verb

  • 1turn something down, turn down somethingAdjust a control on a device to reduce the volume or level.

    ‘she turned the sound down’
    • ‘You can control what you hear, just simply find the spot in you where you can control the volume and turn it down.’
    • ‘They told her how much they look forward to having a decadent TV meal on a tray in front of the screen, turning the volume down and just admiring the Scottish scenery for an hour!’
    • ‘An understandably muted crowd turned the volume knob down another notch or two.’
    • ‘Even television commentators turned the volume down on jingoism after years of grinding the pride and the patience of other national fans within the British Isles.’
    • ‘I sighed, turned the volume down, and returned to my drawing board where I was working on the umpteenth attempt to get my feelings for snowdrops down on paper.’
    • ‘I turned the heat down in my apartment a few days ago, and since then I've made efforts to bring it back up, but it's still not quite kicking in.’
    • ‘I thought I could hear an echo, so I turned the volume down.’
    • ‘At eight o'clock, I woke her and turned the heat down and the lights off and locked the trailer.’
    • ‘When it is boiling furiously, turn the heat right down, add the slices of fish and cook them very, very gently for five to eight minutes, depending on the thickness of the turbot.’
    • ‘Cover the skillet, turn the heat right down, set the timer for 10 minutes and leave to sizzle.’
    reduce, lower, decrease, lessen
  • 2turn something down, turn down somethingReject something offered or proposed.

    ‘his novel was turned down by publisher after publisher’
    • ‘Sheffield Council says the Government has not turned its plans down.’
    • ‘Chris and Phil turned his kind offer down.’
    • ‘She was asked by her Physical Education instructor to try out for netball but she had to turn the offer down.’
    • ‘The offer was turned down by the United boss and has been taken off the table.’
    • ‘He knew it would be offered again when he turned it down.’
    • ‘Again in 1862 he was offered a post at the Polytechnic in Brunswick but turned it down despite the offer coming from his wife's home town, as he did the offer from Vienna four years later.’
    • ‘Both players were offered modest proposals and turned them down.’
    • ‘Moyes turned the job down, just as he has rejected other offers from the Premiership.’
    • ‘‘I think this was a fair compromise in the situation, but the department turned this proposal down as well,’ she said.’
    • ‘We recommend that the proposals are turned down.’
    1. 2.1turn someone down, turn down someoneReject an offer or application made by someone.
      ‘the Air Force turned him down on medical grounds’
      • ‘You would not complain if you were turned down in a job application for health reasons.’
      • ‘We did advertise earlier this year and only had three applicants, two weren't suitable and the one we offered it to turned us down.’
      • ‘He never asks for help and he turns you down when you offer it.’
      • ‘We haven't done anything lately and you're constantly turning me down whenever I offer to do something with you.’
      • ‘He made a casual offer and I turned him down.’
      • ‘But most of all, Anna hated the way she scowled at her every time she passed by, simply because she'd always turned her down on her offers to play doll.’
      • ‘Imagine my chagrin when, after a full-price offer, I was turned down.’
      • ‘We met, he offered to buy me an ice-cream and I turned him down.’
      • ‘I offered to baby-sit and she flatly turned me down.’
      • ‘One time he even offered to give her a massage, but Muriel turned him down.’
      reject, spurn, rebuff, refuse, decline, say no to