Meaning of turntable in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtəːnˌteɪbl/

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  • 1A circular revolving plate supporting a record as it is played.

    ‘We've got three men armed with turntables, a cassette recorder, percussion, a bass guitar, and a busted CD player all beating each other up for attention.’
    • ‘The attics will be ransacked, the old turntables and cassette decks will be dusted down.’
    • ‘Other crews will bring their sound systems - turntables, microphones and speakers and voices.’
    • ‘This Russian kid mixes with a turntable made of tape decks.’
    • ‘He spun the chair around to face the turntable and knocked the tonearm with his hand.’
    • ‘The standard set-up of two turntables and a microphone goes back to Jamaica sound systems and was imported to the Bronx by Kool DJ Herc in 1973.’
    • ‘You will need some mixing software, turntables, and lots of imagination and an a cappella vocal track.’
    • ‘A group of five young people, aged from 19 to 21, have spent the past year overseeing work on the studio, which includes a recording deck, mixing track, samplers and turntables.’
    • ‘Typically, he will cover a turntable in glitter or a loudspeaker in a tight-fitting sequined tank top, thus rendering each object quite unable to function.’
    • ‘We found one bloke there, interviewed him under caution, and took the turntables and records.’
    • ‘‘I was just a 14-year-old kid with turntables and some jungle records in my room,’ he says.’
    • ‘We set up her turntables and I practiced actually mixing records for the first time, which was fun.’
    • ‘Later when she had gotten the two boys down for the night she went back into the living room and put the record on the turntable.’
    • ‘I put the record on his turntable, and you could see the opening string parts really got to him.’
    • ‘In order to hear her, he put his hand on the turntable, holding the record in place.’
    • ‘If you want to hear what shaped the sound of the rookie Red Hot Chili Peppers, put that record on the turntable.’
    • ‘Out of nowhere James appeared with a turntable and a record already in place.’
    • ‘If you have a hi-fi turntable and a record that jumps, place a one cent coin on top of the stylus arm.’
    • ‘We made a few things on two turntables and a tape player.’
    • ‘When he's not busy personally rocking the mike, Peter spends time on the turntables, crafting delicious sets of indie rock, pop and rap.’
    1. 1.1turntablesA set of two or more record decks connected to sound mixing equipment, used by a DJ.
      ‘the two DJs who preside over the turntables play all kinds of cool electronica’
      • ‘The tour will provide the Zumba class experience with Lil John on the turntables.’
      • ‘I'm playing at least five or six Migos records every time I touch the turntables.’
      • ‘Non-stop music will be ensured by NCB's very own Vince Vega at the turntables.’
      • ‘Across the stage, his DJ works a pair of turntables, scratching over savory beats, his perfectly flat-brimmed cap bobbing in rhythm.’
      • ‘With DJ Bonics kicking things off on the turntables, Wiz treated the crowd to a special live performance later.’
      • ‘If you don't know how to use turntables, then you are NOT a DJ!’
      • ‘The drum beats, vocals, bass line as well as synthesizers, turntables, samplers and sequencers make the music groovy.’
      • ‘Inside it's dark, but you can make out a raised platform occupied by a DJ and her turntables.’
      • ‘They brought enthusiasm, a gong, some bongos, and turntables, yet aside from some light effects, played a surprisingly serene set.’
  • 2A circular revolving platform for turning a railway locomotive or other vehicle.

    ‘Switches, turntables, engine houses, station houses, platforms, and all the appurtenances of a railway system are built of the very best material and in a very substantial manner.’
    • ‘It was planned to build a two-stall engine house with a turntable at Dundalk, but it was not to happen.’
    • ‘This diminutive little switcher moved permanently to the cold climate of Seattle to become the turntable switcher at Interbay yard.’
    • ‘The other building, which was constructed first, has five stall tracks leading out to the turntable and is divided into workshop, storage and display areas.’
    • ‘We got off the train in the heavy rain at the East Chattanooga site, where we were treated to the turntable display.’
    • ‘The turntable remained in use to turn diesels.’
    • ‘To accommodate narrow gauge engines, three-rail track must turn into four-rail before reaching the turntable.’
    • ‘No.892 has cleared the turntable and is moving down past the station to pick up its loads for the northbound mixed.’
    • ‘Next to the turntable, the car shop had lost much of it's walls to earthquake damage over the years.’
    • ‘A small turntable at each end of the line was used for turning the equipment.’