Meaning of tusk shell in English:

tusk shell


  • A burrowing mollusc with a slender tusk-shaped shell, which is open at both ends and typically white, and a three-lobed foot.

    Class Scaphopoda, in particular the genus Dentalium

    ‘The Scaphopoda are a distinctive group of molluscs commonly known as the ‘tusk shells’ because their shells are conical and slightly curved to the dorsal side, making the shells look like tiny tusks.’
    • ‘There are approximately 900 species of Scaphopoda, commonly called tusk shells.’
    • ‘In bivalves, chitons, tusk shells and some snails, sperm and eggs are released into the water and fertilisation is external.’
    • ‘The phylum Mollusca also ‘includes lesser known forms such as the chitons, tusk shells, and solenogasters, among others’.’
    • ‘The nervous system of mollusks varies greatly from group to group; the clams and tusk shells have very simple nervous systems, while the squids, octopuses and some other mollusks have concentrated complex nerve centers and eyes equivalent to vertebrates.’