Meaning of tux in English:


Pronunciation /tʌks/

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informal mainly North American
  • A tuxedo.

    • ‘People in everything from long gowns and tuxes to blue jeans and baseball caps were waiting patiently to see the show of their choice.’
    • ‘He snapped his fingers and he was suddenly clad in a sapphire tux with top hat to match her dress.’
    • ‘If it's a classic tux, it'll last you for years and should never go out of style.’
    • ‘To me, tuxes are more for parties, like New Year's Eve.’
    • ‘I've called them and I won't have a problem getting a tux in Cambridge on the day of the event.’
    • ‘Whether you plan on attending a prom or tying the knot, renting a tux is a rite of passage in any man's life.’
    • ‘If your party requires a tux, your best bet is a classic black and white combination.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that rental prices vary depending on how long you expect to rent the tux for.’
    • ‘In typical rodeo fashion, white-jacketed waiters served longnecks (and more sophisticated drinks) on silver trays while gents in tuxes, bolo ties and Western hats circulated.’
    • ‘The rules were simple: he was to show up with a gardenia corsage and wear a black tux with a peach cummerbund.’
    • ‘Tommy, dressed in a white tux with a gray cummerbund and tie, had his arm firmly around Emily's waist.’
    • ‘They were all wearing tuxes with rainbow colored shirts inside.’
    • ‘For formal evenings, your tux or gown can do double duty because different people will see them.’
    • ‘He was still dressed in his tux; her gown was lying in a pile with her other personal items.’
    • ‘Hallie had told him to wear a tux and Jesse thought about going in jeans and a sweatshirt just to annoy her.’
    • ‘He had undone the bow-tie on his tux and it was now hanging around his neck.’
    • ‘Up in his room Josh put the last finishing touches on his hair and straightened the black bow tie of his tux.’
    • ‘As we pulled up to Mike's, he walked outside in his tux, corsage in hand, and a huge smile on his face.’
    • ‘Time to roll out the ironed shirt and the newly-bought tux, which will pay for itself the next time it's worn.’
    • ‘Everyone was dressed in luxurious gowns and tuxes.’