Main meanings of tween in English

: tween1Tween2


(also tweenie)

Pronunciation /twiːn/

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short for tweenager

Main meanings of Tween in English

: tween1Tween2


Pronunciation /twiːn/

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  • Any of a class of compounds used especially as emulsifiers and surfactants. They are derivatives of fatty acid esters of sorbitan.

    ‘Genomic DNA from each mutant colony was extracted using a Tween - 20 / proteinase K digestion mixture.’
    • ‘We have studied the effect of the detergent Tween 20 on transient pores and the line tension in DOPC bilayers.’
    • ‘Similar results for the SOS Chromotest were obtained with various non-ionic surfactants, such as Tween 20 and 80, Triton X - 305 and Tyloxapol.’
    • ‘The PSGL - 1 microbeads were then blocked with a Tween - 20 solution as described above.’
    • ‘With the addition of PEEP in the Tween + PEEP group, alveoli were stabilized, with I - E [Delta] values similar to Control levels.’


1940s of unknown origin.