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Twelfth Night


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  • 16 January, the feast of the Epiphany.

    ‘Not for nothing was the Feast of Epiphany, Twelfth Night, also the Feast of the Beans, a major carnival celebration.’
    • ‘Like Twelfth Night, Shrovetide was one of the key holidays when plays were performed at court, and at other institutions like the inns of court and the universities.’
    • ‘Above all, she is associated with Twelfth Night and Epiphany, 5 and 6 January.’
    • ‘50 years ago: Some American airmen with their wives, from the base at Full Sutton, were guests at the Twelfth Night party held in the Merchant Taylors' Hall by the York branch of the English-Speaking Union.’
    • ‘Boys and girls only met once a year at the Twelfth Night dance.’
    • ‘For my Twelfth Night present, my parents gave to me a little coffee table book entitled Bad Press: The Worst Critical Reviews Ever, written by Laura Ward.’
    • ‘There is an old Irish saying that on the Twelfth Night the souls of the dead are thicker that the sand on the sea shore and are waiting for your prayers to have them released from purgatory and be allowed into heaven.’
    • ‘AS Twelfth Night approaches, trees, decorations and cards are taken down for another year, creating another mass of rubbish which is likely to end up in landfill sites.’
    • ‘This weekend - the first following Twelfth Night, when all decorations are supposed to be taken down - is the busiest of the year at Essex's 22 sites.’
    • ‘However, you may continue the Coronation Jubilation on through Twelfth Night.’
    • ‘She demands cleanliness and industry, especially between Christmas and Twelfth Night.’
    1. 1.1Strictly, the evening of 5 January, the eve of the Epiphany and formerly the twelfth and last day of Christmas festivities.
      ‘In Argentina Christmas used to be a low key affair, the biggest festival being Twelfth Night.’
      • ‘Throughout mid-winter, especially from Christmas through Twelfth Night in Normandy, men, women and children ran through fields waving torches around branches of fruit trees.’
      • ‘In some parts of Iceland, Twelfth Night was referred to as ‘The Old Christmas,’ or ‘The Old Christmas Eve.’’
      • ‘It's Twelfth Night tonight, so we've been taking down our Christmas decorations and wondering where to keep them for the next eleven months.’
      • ‘Originally this cake belonged to Twelfth Night but moved to the secular festival of New Year when religious reformers banned Christmas as a festival.’