Meaning of twelve-bore in English:



  • A shotgun with a bore corresponding to the diameter of a round bullet of which twelve constitute a pound in weight.

    North American term twelve-gauge

    as modifier ‘they found a twelve-bore shotgun in the basement’
    • ‘Walters was sentenced to life for murder and handed an eight-year concurrent jail term for possessing a twelve-bore shotgun.’
    • ‘The severe gale blows the individual raindrops horizontally at you - with what feels like the force of a twelve-bore shotgun.’
    • ‘If you possess any piece of tweed clothing, a handlebar moustache or a manservant, you may proceed to blast the bird in question with a twelve-bore shotgun.’
    • ‘And if I catch any of them trespassing on my land, or looking at my begonias a bit funny, I'm sending Nichols down with the twelve-bore.’