Meaning of twentieth in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtwɛntɪəθ/

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ordinal number

  • 1Constituting number twenty in a sequence; 20th.

    ‘the late twentieth century’
    • ‘her twentieth birthday’
    • ‘The prohibition against graven images of God in the twentieth chapter of "Exodus" becomes an indictment of representation that targets the very foundations of modernity: thou shalt not make of God an object.’
    • ‘An article celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the club showed a cake with twenty candles, each representing an issue on which the club had worked.’
    • ‘Either the date is specified in the directive or, in the absence of any such date, is deemed to be the twentieth day following that of publication.’
    • ‘The second case was that of the alleged "twentieth hijacker."’
    • ‘By the twentieth minute they were three points down.’
  • 2Each of twenty equal parts into which something is or may be divided.

    ‘a twentieth of a second’
    • ‘we save around a twentieth of our cash’
    • ‘Durban can build a new cemetery for 8 million rand ($1.25 million) every week without spending even a twentieth of their budget.’
    • ‘The company is challenging them to make a $100 million movie for a twentieth of the cost.’
    • ‘A heat shield slowed the craft to a twentieth of its speed.’
    • ‘This monster contains 20 times the computing power - in one twentieth of the space - of an equivalent machine from 12 years ago.’
    • ‘The size of the sample amount required for analysis is cut to one twentieth that of the conventional method.’