Meaning of Twi in English:


Pronunciation /twiː/ /tʃwiː/

nounTwi, Twis

  • 1A member of an Akan-speaking people of Ghana.

    ‘Does anyone know of any other Niger-Congo languages up on that northerly coast that are like this, contrasting with the better-known Twis and Mendes and Igbos?’
    • ‘This dance is popular among the Twi, the Fante (who call it Adzewa), and the Ga.’
  • 2

    another term for Akan (the language)

    ‘They constitute the largest ethnic group in Ghana, with Twi being the most commonly spoken language.’
    • ‘Though Twi is widely spoken throughout the country, not every ethnic group in Ghana speaks it as their first language.’
    • ‘These members felt that the use of Twi unfairly privileged the Ashanti ethnic group over others.’
    • ‘The Gullah language retains a great deal West African syntax and combines English vocabulary with words from African languages such as Ewe, Mandinka, Igbo, Twi, Yoruba, and Mende.’
    • ‘Bono, Twi, Fanti, and Ga transcripts were translated and transcribed jointly by bilingual research assistants and myself.’
    • ‘She has command of Twi and Ga, two principal languages in southern Ghana, and she studied Fulfulde in France in preparation for her eighteen months of fieldwork among Fulani immigrants.’
    • ‘Broadcasting mostly in Twi, but also in Ewe, Ga, and some English, the station generally reaches those who are not on salary, who have less education and less disposable income.’
    • ‘More than that, we have to project a multiculturalism that makes it clear that we can translate it all - Arabic, Ghanaian Twi, Haitian patois and other languages.’
    • ‘That is, Twi has little inflection - despite its tones which make it as hard to learn for us as Chinese…’
    • ‘Over the next six hours, she will translate an endless stream of introductions, acceptance speeches, keynote addresses, auditors' reports, votes of thanks and closing prayers from Twi into perfect English.’
    • ‘It is the only poem I have ever completed in Twi, and thus for me represents a long journey of struggle, and, as a performance poet, of courage.’
    • ‘My parents reminded us where we came from, though, and I spoke Twi, which is most widely spoken by Ghanaians.’
    • ‘First, though Twi was not necessarily the first language or dialect of everyone in the church, every Ghanaian member could speak and understand it.’
    • ‘You learned quickly to introduce yourself to a new acquaintance in proper English and to recoil in horror and disgust when the response you got was phrased in Ga or Dagaare or Twi or Ewe.’


  • Relating to the Twi or their language.

    ‘Eventually a compromise was reached: have both an English and Twi service, with the English service as the main evangelism arm of the church.’
    • ‘By 1997 however, a mere five years later, the church had an English and Twi service.’
    • ‘According to this custom, a child born on Tuesday, whose parents speak the Twi language, would have a name derived from Benada, the Twi word for Tuesday.’


The name in Akan.