Meaning of Twitterati in English:


plural noun

  • Avid or frequent users of the social media application Twitter.

    ‘her post was retweeted by various members of the Twitterati’
    ‘I have seldom seen the Twitterati so united in their contempt for one man’
    • ‘Others added their own rosters of local Twitterati in the comments.’
    • ‘Applications are the graphical ad unit of the future and if done correctly, will be accepted by the Twitterati.’
    • ‘YouGov surveyed 2,024 adults, of whom more than 200 use Twitter, and compared the views and characteristics of the Twitterati with those of the sample as a whole.’
    • ‘It's clear how the Twitterati voted.’
    • ‘This is a collection of the the last five tweets of the twitterati.’
    • ‘The glitterati and the twitterati in the cocktail circuits of the capital are ready with their doomsday scenarios.’
    • ‘Here's a selection of bike Twitterati, with direct clicky-clicky links to their Twitter accounts.’
    • ‘Had the 80-year-old doyen of the Frankfurt School for social research joined the twitterati?’
    • ‘Those who use the short-message social networking service, the Twitterati, tend to get frustrated quickly by campaigns that they consider are merely pushing out PR messages, without any indication that there's a real human being behind the account.’
    • ‘APB out to the twitterati.’
    • ‘But it's intriguing to think that they may reflect the Twitterati's assessment of who is more likely to win the election: after all, who'd want to be seen talking to the eventual loser?’
    • ‘The ink on the index finger seems to have replaced the tattoo as the latest fashion statement among the chatterati and the twitterati.’
    • ‘If they really want to appeal to the rest of the self-appointed Twitterati they should switch off the Wi-Fi, ban social networking and instead pitch the park as what it is: a holiday away from all that virtual nonsense.’


Early 21st century from Twitter, the proprietary name of the social media application, on the pattern of literati, glitterati, etc..