Meaning of Twitterverse in English:


Pronunciation /ˈtwɪtəvəːs/

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informal the Twitterverse
  • Users of the social media application Twitter, considered collectively.

    • ‘the Twitterverse eupted in outrage’
    • ‘The big and trivial news rises to the top of the Twitterverse.’
    • ‘"I'm almost crying," he lamented to the Twitterverse.’
    • ‘If the Twitterverse has so far passed you by, it's probably best described as a kind of mobile micro-blogging.’
    • ‘Many fade away, others stick it out and are seeing the benefits as the 'Twitterverse'—the online world of Twitter users—expands.’
    • ‘Maybe they were too busy, but maybe there was also a lot of pressure not to screw up, an easy enough thing to do in real life but even more so in the Twitterverse.’
    • ‘Twitterverse: If you were building a news website from ground up what would be the most important things to include?’
    • ‘The Twitterverse and other social media have been harnessed in less nefarious ways by Torontonians itching to have their say on the strike.’
    • ‘Still, Darr said he can't believe the controversy generated in the Twitterverse, blogosphere, and academia, with some accusing the school of inflicting "a terrible thing and an infringement upon people's rights."’
    • ‘In the Twitterverse, the number of your followers, like a website's click-through rate, demonstrate online wantedness and potency.’
    • ‘He immediately lets the Twitterverse know the tumor has been isolated and it is penetrating very deep into the kidney.’
    • ‘Nine months after taking the Twitterverse by storm, the Prime Minister has turned his hand to blogging.’
    • ‘Bringing us back down to earth (or, rather, the Twitterverse), the beauty and health director has this to say about the website.’
    • ‘It's hardly surprising that when, earlier this month, Twitter's rock-star-like founders, @ev and @biz, tried to change this policy such that semi-private conversations could be semi-private once more, the Twitterverse shouted them down.’


Early 21st century blend of Twitter, the proprietary name of the social media application, and -verse.