Meaning of two-door in English:



  • (of a vehicle) having two doors.

    ‘a two-door car with a sloping bonnet’
    • ‘The popular two-door sports car is still based on the old design.’
    • ‘He's pushing for unique vehicles like the two-door concept car.’
    • ‘She said the two-door hatchback came top of the magazine's scoreboard, which is worked out according to a number of different factors.’
    • ‘Fluctuations or not, there is no denying the fact that sales of two-door cars are down this year.’
    • ‘It was the last large two-door hardtop sporting car which the company produced.’
    • ‘The small two-door hatchback is intended as a second car or a run-around for shoppers.’
    • ‘We made the journey in my two-door Mercedes.’
    • ‘The couple have decided it is time to part company with the white, two-door car.’
    • ‘A two-door silver sports car pulled alongside her.’
    • ‘Two suspects were driving away in what turned out to be a stolen two-door sedan.’