Meaning of two-up school in English:

two-up school


Australian, New Zealand
  • A group of people who have assembled to play the gambling game of two-up.

    ‘they all circle around like a two-up school, peering down’
    • ‘The polo club and the orchestral ensemble, the dockside tavern and the two-up school, each had distinct adherents according to socio-economic status.’
    • ‘He was the Gentleman of the Sydney underworld, nightclub owner and the man behind the infamous Thommo's two-up school.’
    • ‘It was known as a gold town in the 1860s but the huge numbers of miners was obviously not enough - they had to wait til the umpteen pubs, brothels and two-up schools disappeared.’
    • ‘McCormack also offered Theodore an apprenticeship in running a two-up school.’
    • ‘In 1898 five coaches were held up at the mouth of the gorge as a two-up school proceeded in the middle of the road, much to the horror of a prominent West Coast justice of the peace.’
    • ‘The police never seemed to worry about the two-up school, for there was rarely a raid.’
    • ‘At one two-up school of the 1890s in Melbourne two boxers were kept gloved up so that, in the event of a raid, they could take over the ring and thwart the police.’