Meaning of twoc in English:


Pronunciation /twɒk/

verbtwocs, twoccing, twocced

[with object]informal British
  • Steal (a car)

    • ‘people are fed up with having their cars twocced’
    • ‘How many cars do they have to twoc before they get on the course?’
    • ‘Would they claim that if car theft (and twoccing) were totally stopped that all the former car thieves would go out and buy one?’
    • ‘When Matt, Jake, and Jake's girlfriend, Jools, twocced a Ferrari one night, they had a terrible accident.’
    • ‘It seems inevitable that he will once again begin twoccing and end up once again in custody, this time in an adult prison.’
    • ‘This is the 3rd twoccing Phil has heard of recently in this area.’


1990s (originally police slang): acronym from taken without owner's consent.