Meaning of type species in English:

type species


Botany Zoology
  • The species on which a genus is based and with which the genus name remains associated during any taxonomic revision.

    ‘These characters alone are insufficient to characterize Schistometopus; thus, the genus is considered nomen dubium and the term is restricted to the type specimen of the type species.’
    • ‘The adult dorsal median septum, seen in the new species, is absent in the type species and dorsal muscle fields are more clearly defined.’
    • ‘However, the ventral valve of Australostrophia mesembria, type species of the genus, is weakly convex, while the dorsal is very gently concave.’
    • ‘This large group (Clade B) is formed by most of the species of the genus (including the type species, B. rotundifolium), which typically have parallel-veined leaves.’
    • ‘Consequently, the species is here proposed to be the type species of a new genus related to Girtyocoelia Cossmann, 1909.’