Meaning of typography in English:


Pronunciation /tʌɪˈpɒɡrəfi/

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mass noun
  • 1The style and appearance of printed matter.

    ‘It is more than a matter of typography and layout.’
    • ‘Though out of date, it is still widely regarded as a paragon of clarity and accuracy for its definitions and etymologies and as a model of design, production, illustration, typography, paper, printing, and binding.’
    • ‘The old stuff about judging books by their cover is out of date - today's books are marketed so clinically that it is usually perfectly possible to predict the content by the author's picture and style of typography.’
    • ‘Most of their page is given over to explaining hitherto-unknown Alternate Facts about book design, typography, and printing.’
    • ‘And the artistic history of musical typography highlights printed music in which the bounds of craftsmanship are transcended to produce exemplars of outstanding design.’
    • ‘The ‘Calligraphy’ collection features four different traditions and poetry of the masters in Zen, Sufi, Devnagri and modern Roman typography style.’
    • ‘For many years he was closely connected with the Oxford University Press, which he advised on many matters of style, phonetics, spelling, and typography.’
    • ‘He includes great tips on creating separate style sheets for layout and typography to speed maintenance, and how to use the rule and the cascade to serve content to browsers based on their capabilities.’
    • ‘The French honor their writers by publishing them whole in good typography on India paper, meticulously edited and annotated, in Gallimard's Bibliothèque de la Pléiade.’
    • ‘Currently, I am teaching graphic design and typography at the University of North Carolina Charlotte.’
    • ‘He investigates this question in two dimensions in his work in and comments on graphic design and typography.’
    • ‘I love typography and clever graphic design, and am a fan of many folks who do this kind of thing and do it well.’
    • ‘In 1963 he began making Concrete poetry, in which the physical appearance of the poem - its shape and typography - is regarded as part of its meaning.’
    • ‘There was clear, deceptively simple typography in a uniform typeface and a single strong image, often truncated for effect.’
    • ‘That's understandable, too, since designers are using the same storytelling tools online - photographs, graphics, and typography - that they use in print.’
    • ‘Headings are an important aspect of typography on the web (as well as in print).’
    • ‘It was noted that most students lack a thorough background in typography, lettering and calligraphy.’
    • ‘By applying a different CSS file to a markup document, we can drastically change any or all aspects of its design - the layout, typography, or color palette.’
    • ‘Notably absent, however, were books on typography and layout design, which are, after all, also an important element of written textual communication.’
    • ‘Plus you get the added benefit of better control over typography (leading, indentation, margins and padding).’
    1. 1.1The art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it.
      ‘I have worked with typography and printing processes from the end of the raised-metal-type era to current digital technology.’
      • ‘The editors sought to realize new conceptions of layout and design, to create a unity out of the printed page, subordinating the individual processes of ornamentation and typography to a single purpose.’
      • ‘A former compositor, he is a lecturer at the London College of Printing where he teaches typography.’
      • ‘You play around with their typography and printing until they reach a point where they don't mean what they seem to mean.’
      • ‘Rich contributions to Tamil literature, from George U. Pope, Robert de Nobili and Joseph Beschi, have enhanced the stature of Tamil printing and the growth of Tamil typography.’
      • ‘In it, he creates a hand-made typography out of cloth strips arranged on the floor.’
      • ‘Satisfying both his enthusiasm for printing / typography and for painting/drawing, wood engraving suited Bensemann well.’
      • ‘After working in lithography and typography Hölzel studied at the Vienna and Munich Academies.’
      • ‘Scribus has special controls for typography to adjust the layout and spacing of individual letters within words, known as kerning.’
      • ‘The logo is broadly based on the revolutionary typography that appeared in Holland and Germany in the 1920s.’
      • ‘The typography and choice of typefaces is entirely different, and Pratt may have used a different job printer for his stationery.’
      • ‘If silver, a previously somewhat neglected craft, was one of the chief areas in which the George VI style was developed, then typography was another.’
      • ‘You could blissfully overanalyze with talk of typography and photoshop chops - but I just think they're neat.’
      • ‘Mr. Pastor is a computer scientist and artificial intelligence researcher by profession, with strong avocational interests in typography, page layout, and Web design.’
      • ‘A condition for the varied and rich use of book content is therefore a separation of the semantic content structure of the book from formatting information for typography and layout.’
      • ‘In the period 1980-83, he appears to find inspiration in typography.’
      • ‘Damien is a renowned professor of typography, etching and silkscreen printing at the Architectural Institute in Paris.’
      • ‘The publishing industry survives despite the host of good design and bad typography emitting from the color printers of the world.’
      • ‘Bingy wrote the copy, Havinden provided the layout, typography and illustrations, while Sangster sat in judgement.’
      • ‘People had been doing layout and typography long before the Web came along.’
      • ‘It is rare to see a letter published in The New York Times about typography, but Thomas Starr's letter this week should clarify a few things for those who can't tell their serifs from their sans.’
      • ‘I learned about serif and san serif typefaces, about varying the amount of space between different letter combinations, about what makes great typography great.’
      • ‘It often seems that art involving typography edges its way, pica by pica, into the realm of graphic design.’
      • ‘There are still arguments for full decomposition and generative typography based on the complexities of cross-alphabet mapping, searching problems, etc.’


Early 17th century from French typographie or modern Latin typographia(see type, -graphy).