Meaning of tyre iron in English:

tyre iron

Pronunciation /ˈtʌɪə ʌɪən/


(US tire iron)
  • A metal lever for removing tyres from wheel rims.

    ‘Handing John a tire iron he commanded, ‘Help me take off the wheels.’’
    • ‘The weapon they had recovered was a solid steel crowbar the length of a tire iron, not the harmless hollow tube the widow had testified it was, and yes, it could certainly be a very lethal weapon.’
    • ‘It was an odd assortment of stuff, from a tire iron and vanity mirror to fan and seat belts.’
    • ‘Russ kept digging in the trunk and pulled out the tire iron.’
    • ‘Repeat this procedure with a second tire iron one spoke down on the same side of the rim.’
    • ‘I forgot that I had picked up a new tire iron, so I didn't need to use your tools.’
    • ‘Dad decided, after beating on it with a tire iron for a short while, that even though both of our imaginations were working overtime, we'd simply have to wait until we got home.’
    • ‘This is why I keep a tire iron under my front seat.’
    • ‘With both hands I smashed the tire iron into the side window.’
    • ‘Further, sometimes we think of the tire iron as a negotiating tool.’
    • ‘If so, it was an olive branch wielded like a tire iron - and with about as much grace as a man tightening the lug nuts on a wheel.’
    • ‘If I sleep on my back, I always dream someone will beat my face in with a tire iron or encyclopedia.’
    • ‘He had struck his palm with a tire iron a few days earlier, and he had come to the mobile clinic for evaluation.’
    • ‘The car was so close now that he expected to feel the fender on his leg or a tire iron on his heel at any moment.’
    • ‘Sophisticated theory should be wielded like an X-acto knife, not like a tire iron, and that seems to be achieved most easily when things are the least stagey, the narrative kept ungimmicky.’
    • ‘I've heard about people getting into altercations, and I know one guy who had a cabbie throw a tire iron at him.’
    • ‘Clean your argument up, confess your misogyny or explain what on earth you're talking about before I get the tire iron out.’
    • ‘My client's security status was low threat but I was still very aware that we were on a dark road with no weapons save for a tire iron should we need one.’
    • ‘When Ten was done, and the flat tire, jack, and tire iron had been placed back in the trunk, he stepped up to John and looked at him very seriously.’
    • ‘The car slammed to a stop and four young men piled out, one with a baseball bat, another with a crowbar or tire iron.’