Meaning of U-ey in English:


Pronunciation /ˈjuːi/

nounplural noun U-eys, plural noun U-ies

(also U-ie)
  • A U-turn.

    • ‘I missed a turn, made a U-ey, and took a right on to Tramonto Drive’
    • ‘he did a U-ey and headed back to the city’
    • ‘Backing up a ways, Bo pulled a U-ey and laughed as Dakota struggled for the seatbelt.’
    • ‘Then another police car makes a U-ey, then another.’
    • ‘Well, there are no U-eys allowed at that intersection… and I was too busy making the turn to read the sign.’
    • ‘We go down and pull a U-ey into the entrance of a neighborhood and we get out to switch drivers.’
    • ‘Instead of taking his chances with the cops and maybe getting away with it, he decides to pull a "u-ey" in order to avoid the blockade.’
    about-face, volte-face, turnaround, turnround, turnabout, U-turn, rowback


1970s (originally Australian): abbreviation.