Meaning of U-matic in English:



mass noun Trademark
  • A system for recording and playing audiovisual material and videos, mainly restricted to professional use.

    ‘Then insert your U-matic video tape and set it to the position that you want to start striping from.’
    • ‘He took 20 engineers from the Shibaura plant and moved to the Atsugi plant, where production of the U-matic had taken place.’
    • ‘Drop your U-matic video tape at our Camden High Street Studios in London or post your work to us with your instructions and telephone number.’
    • ‘This format is no longer used as a consumer format, but it is cheap, and durable, so almost every television studio still has a U-matic recorder.’
    • ‘In the U-matic format the SP tapes can be played on non-SP machines (however, with no picture improvement).’
    • ‘Designed for the higher resolution recordings capable with the SP U-matic VCR Anti-Static treatment in cassette lid Carbon Black low electrical resistance backcoating Album box’


1970s U from the shape of the path followed by the tape around the drum and heads of the machine + -matic from automatic.