Meaning of uakari in English:


Pronunciation /wəˈkɑːri/

nounplural noun uakaris

  • A short-tailed monkey with a long, coarse coat and a bare red, white, or black face, found in the Amazon rainforest.

    Genus Cacajao, family Cebidae: two or three species

    ‘On a research visit to German zoos, he glimpsed his first uakari and saki monkeys, species indigenous to Brazil.’
    • ‘The black uakari is predominantly quadrupedal - walking, running and leaping with great frequency.’
    • ‘The sakis, bearded sakis, and uakaris belong to the subfamily Pitheciinae and all have long shaggy hair.’
    • ‘The red uakari inhabits the rainforest canopy where they feed on leaves, fruit and insects.’
    • ‘Red uakari monkeys are rare in zoos, where they are considered to be delicate and difficult to keep alive.’


Mid 19th century from Tupi.