Meaning of UAV in English:



  • An unmanned aerial vehicle (an aircraft piloted by remote control or onboard computers)

    ‘within sixty minutes of reaching a launch site, the UAV can be assembled and launched’
    • ‘UAV operators must have skills akin to the traffic controller’
    • ‘After a brief web search, all I could turn up was a military job as a UAV pilot.’
    • ‘The low-cost vision system enables the UAV to autonomously search, find and track a target's position relative to the hovering vehicle’
    • ‘The company has started using a UAV to create promotional videos for golf courses around the country.’
    • ‘To land, small hooks on the UAV's wings catch hold of rope suspended from the system's extendable mast and arms.’
    • ‘Once a UAV identified a target, participants labeled it as hostile or friendly, based on a color-coded system.’
    • ‘And if the situation changes, the operator can cancel the strike and bring the UAV back for use later.’
    • ‘Once the system detects a nearby UAV, it alerts residents through a sound or light-based alert.’
    • ‘"The UAVs do not currently have the awareness of their environment to be able to avoid flying into people," Dr. Darren Ansell said.’
    • ‘Researchers in Switzerland recently developed a concept to use a swarm of UAVs as a local communication network for emergency workers in disaster areas.’
    • ‘UAVs have been criticized for causing civilian deaths.’


1980s abbreviation.