Meaning of ubiety in English:


Pronunciation /juːˈbʌɪɪti/


mass noun literary
  • The condition of being in a definite place.

    ‘Considering the ubiety of the bridges and the surroundings, this paper focused on the water recognition based on feature extraction.’
    • ‘The ubiety between runoff and deposit is the primary factor that brings on the particularity of hydrogeology characteristics about mines along river.’
    • ‘“The object has a certain ‘objectivity’ about it (a certain whereness, though we do not wish to restrict this ubiety to the prison house of the page).”’
    • ‘The current view does not accept either ubiety or velocity as permanent objective realities.’
    • ‘My ubiety involves being at 40.748 latitude and -74.050 longitude.’


Late 17th century from medieval Latin ubietas, from Latin ubi ‘where’.