Meaning of ubiquinone in English:


Pronunciation /juːˈbɪkwɪnəʊn/


  • Any of a class of compounds which occur in all living cells and which act as electron-transfer agents in cell respiration. They are substituted quinones.

    ‘The regulation of this biosynthetic pathway at the mitochondrial level depends on the ubiquinone, the alternative oxidase and a species-specific uncoupling protein.’
    • ‘Antioxidant compounds such as vitamins C and E, lipoic acid, ubiquinones, superoxide dismutase, catalase, and glucathione peroxidase can limit oxidative damage.’
    • ‘Interactions of organic molecules such as dihydropyridines, ubiquinone, tryptophan, and halothane with lipid bilayers have been studied through molecular dynamics simulations.’
    • ‘The succinate dehydrogenase complex (complex II) plays a role in both the tricarboxylic acid cycle and electron transfer to ubiquinone.’
    • ‘Strikingly, reaction centers appear to use that same solution not only for electrons but also for proton transfer toward their secondary ubiquinone acceptor site.’


1950s blend of ubiquitous and quinone.