Meaning of ubiquitarianism in English:



Christian Theology

See ubiquitarian

‘To my knowledge, Lutheranism is the only theological tradition committed to ubiquitarianism.’
  • ‘The ubiquitarianism of his opponents especially concerned him, as it required a departure from Chalcedonian orthodoxy on the person of Christ and a minimization of the ministry of Christ's Spirit.’
  • ‘Knox did not object to the doctrines of the Articles, but to the rubric on kneeling in the Eucharistic service of the Liturgy, and his opposition led to the ‘Declaration on Kneeling,’ which is a strong protest against ubiquitarianism and any idolatrous veneration of the sacramental elements.’
  • ‘Sometimes termed virtualism, Calvin's position is strengthened by his emphasis on the epiklesis, or action of the Spirit, but his intimation that we are somehow floated up to heaven where Christ sits is as mystifying to the contemporary Church as is transubstantiation or ubiquitarianism.’
  • ‘But Ward's particular spin on "body" and "church" is highly dependent, if only subconsciously, on Lutheran ubiquitarianism.’