Meaning of ubiquitously in English:



See ubiquitous

‘Department stores and commercial chains hardly hold the Netherlands in thrall; you don't find many Netherlanders clamouring to spend their Saturday mornings trolley-piloting the ubiquitously cheap and vast Hema emporiums.’
  • ‘Colonel Sanders is ubiquitously American, but today's New Zealander, when asked what ‘KFC’ stands for, will intone ‘Kiwi For Chicken’.’
  • ‘The new agenda of obligatory social aims, reset by some self-declared avant-garde and not by societies themselves, is similar to the socialist one in the never-changing sense that it is to guarantee ubiquitously correct life.’
  • ‘The depressing thing was how ubiquitously mediocre things were.’
  • ‘Yet while one conclusion is quoted ubiquitously, the remainder of his remarks remain relatively obscure.’
  • ‘The troubling fact is that a successful, ubiquitously published and clearly-credited piece of design can quickly become an artifact to be lusted after by hungry practitioners.’