Meaning of Udmurt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈʊdmʊət/


  • 1A member of a people of central Russia, living mainly in Udmurtia.

    ‘These groups speak languages that are related to modern Finnish and/or Hungarian and include the Karelians, Komi, Maris, Mordvins, and Udmurts.’
    • ‘The word n'an’ is simply the Persian word nan ‘bread’; the Udmurts learned of flour from Persians.’
    • ‘In the Russian sources of the 14th - early 19th centuries Udmurts are mentioned under the name votyaki.’
    • ‘Compared to other ethnic groups of Udmurts they have managed to preserve their folklore in better form.’
    • ‘In some areas the Udmurts have become predominantly Islamic through the influence of Tatars and Bashkirs.’
    • ‘The Udmurt language is internally quite homogenous and because of this all Udmurts understand each other.’
    • ‘But he also symbolizes hope for the Udmurt, because Leonid has become a believer in Jesus Christ.’
    • ‘Considerable ethnographic material on the Udmurts was collected and published in the last decades of the century.’
    • ‘The larger groups according to the 1989 census were: Mordvins, Karelians, Udmurts and Mari.’
    • ‘Even today the Udmurts call the ledge and icons of the prayer house mudor.’
    • ‘A petition of the Udmurts to the Tsar from 1812 shows that the Bashkir continuously tried to take over traditional Udmurt lands.’
  • 2mass noun The Finno-Ugric language of the Udmurts, with about 500,000 speakers.

    Formerly called Votyak


  • Relating to or denoting the Udmurts or their language.

    ‘In the Udmurt language, pel’ means ‘ear’ and n'an’ means anything made from flour: flour, dough, bread, etc.’
    • ‘Furthermore, one ethnic Udmurt teacher of English maintained that her English was stronger than her Udmurt.’
    • ‘` What you have in your heart is what you actually are ’, said the Udmurt wise men of old.’
    • ‘The Udmurt language is taught in Udmurtia, as a rule, only in primary classes of rural schools.’
    • ‘Progress was made, though, with respect to the expression of Udmurt culture and the rights to educate in the Udmurt language.’
    • ‘The following table contains encodings which support Udmurt languages and references to font lists which are available in our Online Shop.’