Meaning of ufology in English:


Pronunciation /juːˈfɒlədʒi/


mass noun
  • The study of UFOs.

    ‘However, would it possible to assume that the entire science of ufology is nothing but a mere secretive component of the real story of flying objects?’
    • ‘In her study of ufology, Jodi Dean comments that the discourse of ufologists claims to be reasonable, ‘but everyone else finds what they are saying incomprehensible.’’
    • ‘There in the thin desert air, as confused reports were confirmed and then abruptly denied, the study of UFOs, or ufology, was born.’
    • ‘This landmark case of Brazilian ufology dealt with the appearance of the notorious chupas - boxlike flying contraptions which fired laser-like beams against the hapless inhabitants of Amazonian communities.’
    • ‘The psi-trickster element in ufology renders that field of inquiry even more marginal, dangerous, and repulsive to anyone who aspires to rational and intelligible forms of life and thought.’
    • ‘Similarly, the best criticisms in areas such as ufology and cryptozoology come from critics within those protosciences.’
    • ‘The video was certainly very interesting and no response indicated they wish no involvement in the subject of ufology.’
    • ‘The emerging science of ufology may hold solutions to ongoing religious and political unrest that serves only to polarize humanity.’
    • ‘The popularity of ufology has declined and this has tied in with the demise of this television show.’
    • ‘This is a weekly delve into cryptozoology, ufology, medical marvels, scientific wonders, strange facts or weird goings-on.’
    • ‘All are wearing identical jumpsuits, some sort of shiny metallic material straight out of human ufology, and all of them have a stone of one kind or another embedded into their forehead.’
    • ‘The archives of ufology, not H.G. Wells, provided Spielberg's source material.’
    • ‘I'd really like to move this to the Lab, since it's clearly a paranormal/fringe science / ufology subject.’
    • ‘Ufology is in a state of self denial.’
    • ‘Here, you can find an index to the who's who of UFOlogy.’
    • ‘So what is ufology?’